Welcome to the World of Pokemon.

Yes, that world. The world in which hundreds of fantastical creatures we call Pocket Monsters, or “Pokemon” live in harmony- or at least, they will.

You see, humanity hasn’t quite reached that point of “hey we can enslave these wild animals by cramming them into brainwashing baseballs” quite yet. There are no Poke Balls, no Pokemon Center, no Pokemon League… just what little of humanity there is against the hundreds upon hundreds of fire-breathing, stone-shattering, lightning-spitting Pokemon.

Not all is hopeless though; the Kingdom of Kanto has been established, and is currently being lead by Queen Juniper IV. Humanity has set up many colonial towns across the region, and continue to spread. Adventurers from everywhere set out to explore, discover, and survive in this harsh world.

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Feudal Kanto