Setting information

Here’s some important Information about the setting you’ll need to participate:


The core of any Pokemon-based game, in Feudal Kanto, Pokemon are not “gotta catch ‘em all” friendly monsters that you cram into baseballs so you can force them to fight each other for sport. They are vicious, often aggressive creatures who really don’t like the fact that you are breathing. Some are more docile, and would prefer to avoid contact with humans (such as Rattata or Caterpie), while others are highly territorial (ever run into a pack of Mightyena? Ain’t fun). Not much research has been done on these creatures, and few can name many of them on sight.

Humanity has a particular fear of the greatest and most powerful of them all, Giratina. It is said this massive draconic creature only hasn’t wiped out humanity because it likes to play with its food. While it hasn’t been seen in many years, black flames are still considered an ill omen by all who know of it. To openly speak its name is taboo.


Kanto is stuck in the dark ages, which means there isn’t access to any of that Poke Ball or fast-healing tech. There are various tools such as plows, waterwheels, and wagons, but nothing so high-tech as a modern pistol. Rather than a hospital, most folks heal up by resting at the local inn or paying for medicine at the local apothecary.

Weapon-wise, classic weaponry such as swords and spears are still the primary selection. Gun exist, but they are few and far between, and tend to have issues with accuracy and reloading. There are a few places that have access to cannons as the largest form of firepower, but low portability prevents them from being effective in the long run.
Technology is primarily useful as a merchant, crafter, or appraiser, but it is also used in dealing with traps and other mechanisms.

Supernatural Classes

In this setting, the Supernatural Classes (ie., Elementalists, Aura Guardian, etc.,) are generally seen as strange and freakish. There are a number of restrictions placed upon them by society:

• All Supernaturals must wear a patch that reveals what specific “gift” they possess.
• Supernaturals cannot legally use their abilities in certain locations.
• Upon discovering their powers, Supernaturals must register their abilities with the

While often shunned and feared by society, humanity is not outright hateful of Supernaturals, and there even exists a Mage’s Guild to regulate and assist them in learning to deal with their new powers. Depending on the powers, certain religious groups may declare them as “divine gifts”, as opposed to outright magic.

Religious Groups

With humanity on the edge of existence, people look to the heavens for hope. As a result, they have established various beliefs and ideals to which they follow. The most popular of the three is The Children of the Four Divines, who worship the four great heroes who once defended humanity from Giratina’s grasp. The Chosen of the Wood are a Druidic people who worship nature itself, and the Cult of the Evolutionists, an unpopular group with the unpopular opinion that Pokemon are the superior species and that humans need to evolve.

Setting information

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